Outdoor Matters


Top Rope Kit list

If you want go climbing outside then top roping is a safe option without too much of an outlay. There are some things you’ll need, as well as knowing where to go.

Just like when you climb indoors you’ll need a harness, some climbing shoes and a belay device. Outside there are also many reasons (of various sizes but all quite hard!) to wear a helmet and very few not to. So wear one.

Ropes: You’ll need a dynamic (slightly stretchy) rope to climb on and a static (not stretchy) rope to rig with. Either a 30m or 50m dynamic will work, depending on the height of your chosen climbs. A 20-30m static rope will be enough to rig at most crags. Invest in a rope bag to make your climbing rope last longer.

Rack: You can rig a top rope climb at most crags if you have the following gear:
Set of wires (1-11) and a nut key to get them out.
-A hex or 2
-2-3 120cm slings
-3-4 locking carabiners (a steal one on the top will last longer)
-Rope protector (a posh one, or a carpet square with some string works fine)

All of these items can be bought online, but if you want to make sure you get the right kit I recommend calling in to an independent climbing shop like Up & Under in Cardiff. If you’ve done a course with me then you even get a discount of your next purchase with them.

If you want to learn the skills you need to safely rig a top rope for climbing outside then just get in touch and we can make it happen.