Outdoor Matters



Whether you are working towards a Mountain Training qualification, or looking to keep your skils fresh, we offer a range of MTA workshops and useful courses in South Wales to support you on your learning journey.

You can read more about the MTA workshops on the Mountain Training CMS

Workshop Dates:

Oct 9th - Night navigation (Penwyllt) (free)

Oct 27th - Navigation for a Successful Assessment (£60)

Nov 13th - Night navigation (Herberts Quarry) (free)

Nov 30th - Navigation for a Successful Assessment (£60)

Dec 1st - Contour Masterclass (£60)

Dec 11th - Night navigation (Penderyn) (free)


Feb 2nd - Contour Masterclass (£70)

Feb 23rd - Navigation for a Successful Assessment (£70)

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