Outdoor Matters


Film Safety

One of our specialist areas is providing safety support and logistics for filming work in adventurous locations. By working with a group of technical experts we can provide you with the appropriate safety cover no matter where you are or what it is you're there to do.

We can help you with technical areas including:

  • Managing safety for the film crew & cast

  • Technical rigging when working at height or in other hazardous locations

  • Training for crew and actors

  • Technical advice & risk assessing

  • Finding location and gaining permissions

  • Guiding in adventurous locations

  • Logistics for hard to reach locations

We are specialists in the following areas:

  • Cliffs, quarries and rock faces

  • Mountainous and remote environments

  • Gorges, canyons, waterfalls and rivers

  • Caves and mines

  • Coastal and inter-tidal zones

A full list of our experience is available, but some of the highlights include:

  • Night shoot for a feature film managing crew safety at a quarry edge as well as setting up the "big fall" scene.

  • Welsh language documentary on cave systems.

  • BBC adventure documentary involving a 15hr journey through Britain's deepest cave system.

Photo Shoots
Also well as film work we have assisted photographers capturing adventurous images by providing safety cover for them in hazardous places, arranging models suitable for the unusual positions and helping identify, risk assess and gain permissions for suitable venues.

Examples of adventurous shoots include on sea cliffs, underground in both caves & mines and in deep gorges.

Get in Touch
Every production is different, so let us know what it is that you would like to do and what support you are looking for, we can then chat over options and help out in whatever way is most appropriate.

  • Duration

    1+ Day/s

  • Locations

    South Wales


Day - £260
Half Day - £190
Travel outside of area may incur an additional cost.

Ideal For

Film crews and outdoor media shoots.