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Sea Cliff Skills

Climbing can take you to some amazing places, to boldly venture where few dare, but there are some extra skills you need to climb on sea cliffs:

  • Understanding tides and the sea

  • Abseiling safely

  • Escaping up a rope

  • Hoisting a stuck second

  • Knowing about wildlife and restrictions

With the confidence of knowing you can deal with whatever happens, wherever you are, your climbing can take you further - big sea cliffs and remote mountain crags are waiting for you.

All of the above rescue techniques just require the equipment you normally climb with, plus two prussik loops and a little bit of thinking...

Next open course dates:

  • 4th June 2023

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  • Duration

    1 Day

    9:30 - 4:30

  • Locations

    Gower, Pembrokeshire


1-2 People - £250
3-4 people - £300
5-6 people - £350
Open Course - £80

Ideal For

This course is perfect for people who have done a bit of Trad climbing and want to start heading off on some sea cliff advenutures.